Happy Halloween! by H.P. Mendoza

Happy Halloween, everybody! Are you going Trick-or-Treating tonight? Or staying out of the rain and watching a good scary movie? If you want recommendations, I have two lists that have been published this week:

H.P. Mendoza's Top 5 Halloween Movies on Xfinity
If you're an Xfinity subscriber, these are the movies I recommend you see. (Someone accused me of being too irreverent with this list, but c'mon, it's Halloween!)

APA: Top Ten Underwatched Horror Films
Some of these horror films are movies that I expect everyone to have seen, but only recently have I discovered that a LOT of people who claim to be horror fans have never even heard of! Just as reverent as my Top 5 list, this list should settle your appetite for horror for at least one night. :)

Adventure Time / I Am a Ghost Mashup
Anna Ishida posted on my wall that she had just finished watching the Emmy nominated episode of Adventure Time, "Thank You" and that it reminded her of I Am a Ghost. So, I tested that theory, and here is the result. :)

And here's a piece of I Am a Ghost fanart from Renee Woo! (I'm starting to think I should just make a Fan Art section on the site...)

In preparation for Halloween... by H.P. Mendoza

Halloween is coming! We have an upcoming screening at the Sacramento Asian Film Festival and we're still featured in the New and Noteworthy section on iTunes. There might even be more screenings of I Am a Ghost coming up in the days leading up to Halloween. And in preparation, we want to share some great media sent to us from supporters all over the world (one of them being a video PARODY!)

Nick Reiner, director of All Dark Places, possessed by "Emily"


Artist/designer Diego Medina, going eyeless for Emily


Emily poses with iconic geek superstar Tentáculo Púrpura (LucasArts Day of the Tentacle)


Omar Parra of  Terror Weekend  re-enacts a scene from  I Am a Ghost  in which Emily meets Emily.   

Omar Parra of Terror Weekend re-enacts a scene from I Am a Ghost in which Emily meets Emily.


And THIS parody sent to us by Maria Abad.

Keep the fan art and photos coming and we'll post our favorites on this blog by Halloween! Thank you all so much for all of the support! We've definitely felt the love throughout this journey. :)