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Happy Halloween! by H.P. Mendoza

Happy Halloween, everybody! Are you going Trick-or-Treating tonight? Or staying out of the rain and watching a good scary movie? If you want recommendations, I have two lists that have been published this week:

H.P. Mendoza's Top 5 Halloween Movies on Xfinity
If you're an Xfinity subscriber, these are the movies I recommend you see. (Someone accused me of being too irreverent with this list, but c'mon, it's Halloween!)

APA: Top Ten Underwatched Horror Films
Some of these horror films are movies that I expect everyone to have seen, but only recently have I discovered that a LOT of people who claim to be horror fans have never even heard of! Just as reverent as my Top 5 list, this list should settle your appetite for horror for at least one night. :)

Adventure Time / I Am a Ghost Mashup
Anna Ishida posted on my wall that she had just finished watching the Emmy nominated episode of Adventure Time, "Thank You" and that it reminded her of I Am a Ghost. So, I tested that theory, and here is the result. :)

And here's a piece of I Am a Ghost fanart from Renee Woo! (I'm starting to think I should just make a Fan Art section on the site...)