Round Two! / by H.P. Mendoza

I had the chance to take August and September to work on some other projects I'd neglected for a while, as well as work at IDEO which is always intense and fulfilling (if not intensely fulfilling). But now, October is upon us. It's round two.

I'm so grateful and humbled by all of the attention our film has been getting, and I'd like to ask everyone who has said anything nice about I Am a Ghost to click on the following link to either Rate, Like or Follow the film:

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We ended round one of the fests with 9 screenings in Mexico City as part of Mix Mexico and Macabro Mexico City International Film Festival. We kick off this second round of festivals with the Pollygrind Film Festival in Las Vegas, a genre festival celebrating its 3rd year.

9/28 - Pollygrind Film Festival
10/5 - DC Asian Film Festival
10/13 - Hawaii International Film Festival
10/26 - Boston Horror Film Festival (co-presented by the Boston Asian Film Festival)
10/27 - Bram Stoker Film Festival of the UK
11/2 - San Diego Asian Film Festival

There are more festivals coming up, but I can't officially announce them, yet.

And here are some NEW review links!

Smart, original, and unsettling. Highly recommended for fans of ambitious horror films." - Joe Bendel, Libertas Film Magazine

[I Am a Ghost] will spark a complex dialogue for years to come." - David Calbert, Arts Engine

It's one of the most original and remarkable ghost stories I've ever seen. From a style and atmosphere perspective, it is very Kubrickian in appearance and tone but from a purely conceptual standpoint, it's unlike anything you've ever seen. The last twenty minutes of this film are some of the most intense and incredibly terrifying moments I've seen in a genre film this year. " - James Cortez, Planet of Terror

Mendoza made the best casting decision of his career." - Chris Hallock, All Things Horror

"Lensed, scored, and edited with a skill so methodical and "savant" in nature, it's almost jarring to watch something so rooted in technical brilliance. - Chris Conduit, The Conduit Speaks

Destined to be a cult classic." - Brian Hu, San Diego Asian Film Festival

Thank you all for supporting the film for this long! We're halfway through the festival run and the movie keeps finding its audience, thanks to the word-of-mouth and general support from all of you. And remember:

I AM A GHOST on IMDb (Rate us!!!)
I AM A GHOST on facebook
I AM A GHOST on twitter

More soon! H.P.