Happy Halloween! / by H.P. Mendoza

Pictures of the cast and crew of I Am a Ghost at the Hawaii International Film Festival.
Photo 1: H.P. Mendoza, Jeannie Barroga, Anna Ishida and L.A. Renigen pose in front of a Yes, We're Open sign.
Photo 2: Titus Chong (moderator, HIFF), H.P. Mendoza, Anna Ishida, Jeannie Barroga on microphone, L.A. Renigen.
Photo 3: Producer Mark Del Lima with partner H.P. Mendoza in a rare photo, together
Photo 4: Anna Ishida shields her eyes on the balcony of the HIFF Hospitality Lounge

What a crazy month! I Am a Ghost had 8 screenings at Pollygrind, DC Asian, Hawaii International, Tucson Terrorfest, TriCity Fantastic Fest, Boston Asian, Shudder Fest and Bram Stoker UK and walked away withBEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTRESS at Tucson Terrorfest! We're so honored and thrilled!

We're a little bloodshot from traveling, and there are more festivals coming up (in four days, to be exact) so let's rest and share some San Francisco news. Anna Ishida is being honored with a San Francisco Bay Guardian GOLDIE AWARD for Theatre and I'm being honored by SF Film Society along with film critic Judy Stone, quarterly DVD magazine Wholphin, film festival volunteer extraordinaire Ninfa Dawson and and filmmaker Terry Zwigoff for Essential SF!

This is a good year of recognition. As the year comes to a close and I Am a Ghost travels to more festivals, it's time to start thinking about distribution. These laurels sure would look good on a poster or Blu-Ray cover. :)

EDIT: We just won BEST PICTURE at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival in the UK!
Check out the gorgeous award that's being shipped to us! 

I can't list all of the upcoming fests yet, until they officially announce, but here is where you can see us next:

November 2 @ 9:15pm
November 6 @ 8:00pm


November 17th @ 11:59pm

Remember, we're a team of two, Mark Del Lima and me. We don't have the millions of dollars to make television commercials or post billboards and advertisements everywhere. All we have is the time we put into outreach, social networking and blogging. This outreach includes making trailers, spots and posters. Couple that with the amount of money and work we put into festival submissions and deliverables, and you have a pretty clear picture of how independent a film can be. The festival circuit is a pure experience: we make the movie, you come to watch it. But it can only continue through people like you, so remember:

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And here are two videos, from us to you, to enjoy this Halloween.