From San Francisco to Chicago! / by H.P. Mendoza

What a great experience it was to premiere in San Francisco with THREE sold out screenings. I really do believe the two extra sold out screenings happened because of the generous write-ups of the film, especially the Composable Thumbs review.

We were so happy to see a lot of friends and family show up to the screenings, as well as a lot of the people who pledged on Kickstarter (who I've listed in the previous blog post.) And thank you to all of the filmmakers who came to support the film with such kind words; Dave Boyle, Tanuj Chopra, S. Leo Chiang, Goh Nakamura, Richard Wong, Christopher Hollstein, and Quentin Lee among others. Thank you all for being there!

And now, we move on to other festivals. I Am a Ghost will be playing at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago as part of the Asian American Showcase on Friday the 13th! Thanks to Tim Hugh for his kindness, warmth and enthusiasm over the film and his clever idea to program the film on a night when people want to get scared. :)

So, on to the second festival of this long journey. Thank you so much, everyone! And remember to spread the word about the film, share it on facebook, and like our page! We couldn't have filled up those theaters without you!