First Blog Post! / by H.P. Mendoza

Thank you to everyone who helped bring I Am a Ghost to life. This film really has been a labor of love and I've definitely felt the love from all of you who have supported the post-production process through Kickstarter. And I may have been aloof, but I want everyone to know that the film is in really good shape. So good that we are an official selection at the 30th Annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival! This excites me on two levels: 1) This is where both Colma: The Musical andFruit Fly both premiered as well as the upcoming Yes, We're Open and 2) the film was shot almost entirely in San Francisco!

I can't publish the dates, times or venues until after the press conference on the 9th but let me use this first blog post to say thank you and introduce the first festival trailer for I Am a Ghost! I would also like to thank the following people for supporting on Kickstarter:

Joon Park, Bethany Del Lima, Steve Gonzalez, Malhar Pagay, Bill Ottemann, Robert OGeen, L.A. Renigen, Anh-Thu Nguyen, Priscilla Mendoza, Glenn Auve, Richard Wong, David Lewis, Scott Kildall, Victoria Scott, Jef Cunningham, Tim Bland, Gretchen Addi, Virginia King, Kathryn Aaker, Jeremy De Forge, Kimber O'Neill, Cynthia Leung, Andreas Mugler, Paul Kolsanoff, Allen Gittelson, Robert Lord, Amy Hope Dermont, Rachel Wong, Carol Milano, Mary Foyder, Josh Snyder, Gauri Sharma, Stephen Schwichow, Samantha Eldredge, Mario Anima, Mike Benning, Parry Shen, Rebecca Marshall, Patrick Hagan, Ethan Malasky, Kay Tracy, Eric Wertz, Laura Milano, Jay Alexander, Marc Whinston, Josh Naftel, Darcy Harris, Andy Volk, Stella Kang, Jill Manthei, Tor Ravengael, Evangeline McMillon, Julia Kwan, Robert Fukushima, Sohr Adsuara Picart, Joseph, Tanuj Chopra, Michael Prados, Seng Chen, David Kittredge, Andrew Paik, Jessica Cunningham, James Choi, Stephen Kim, Woo Jin Park, Alicia Terkel, Emily Marcroft, Charles Montague, Beth Scannell, Carolyn Oliss, Steffi Liem, Wynn Nojopranoto, Maria Judice, Beau Trinca, Chris Broderi k, Ellen Park, Chris Walden, Armin Izer, Helen Souranoff, Krista Ravengael, Marilyn Mix, Darcy Villere, Joe Futrelle, Mark Enslin, Hannah Dworkin, Will Luo, Tin Lee, Natalie Mulford, Matzi Hilger, Sean Bart, Esther Arellano, Harlow, Masashi Niwano, Ted McD, Laura Irvine, Ben, Marianna Matthews, Juan Enriquez, Elizabeth Cobb, Liam Dunlop, Ian Carey, Noah Balmer, Brian of Tribute Gallery, Orme Dominique, Mariana Lopez, Michael Kelly, Jazmine Applin, Elisa Stollmeyer, Martin Berthelot, Jim Kosmicki, Paul Prater 

So, until February 9th, enjoy the new trailer! And hit me up however you want to hit me up! But for sure, please join the I Am a Ghost facebook page

I'll be shipping out the Kickstarter rewards, too, so keep an eye out!