Cinema Chords (another Top 10 List!) / by H.P. Mendoza

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As an avid fan of the horror genre rather than feeding you with a list of the typical blockbuster horror fare that you are already aware of I am all for sifting through as many independent pieces of work as possible. As a result I have come up with ten indie/low-budget horror films that you should certainly check out if you haven't already done so. Obviously different films bring different opinions but here follows a list of those I enjoyed and think deserve championing. If you have seen any recent indie horror movies that you think are worthy of a mention please add them in the comments section below so we can all check out your recommendations too.

Winner of Bram Stoker International Film Festival UK 2012 Best Picture, H.P. Mendoza's I Am A Ghost is a joy to watch with an altogether unique premise: a young woman, Emily, finds herself trapped in a repeating cycle in her Victorian home as she performs her daily chores. Granted that might sound extremely humdrum but, as you will have imagined by the title, she has to learn to come to terms with the fact that she is indeed a ghost.

The plot thickens as Emily is contacted by a medium trying to exorcise her from the house. Unfortunately for both parties, the house plays host to a number of dark secrets that could mean the end for both of them.

While the key to the success of the film is the fact it is so heavily driven by its characters performances, particularly that of Anna Ishida playing Emily, the film boasts some of the most terrifying moments put to film, something I in no way expected given the minimalist filmmaking devices at play.

Although I Am A Ghost's experimental, unmethodical approach may disuade many horror fans from giving this the time of day, I recommend riding this out to the very end, particularly if you have a penchant for horror that succeeds in making the viewer feel particularly uneasy.

I Am a Ghost is accompanied on the list by the following:

Some Guy Who Kills People
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
The Tunnel
The Pact
Exit Humanity

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