"AMAZING! I Am a Ghost [will] scare the life out of the living." - Jamie Laughlin, Dallas Observer / by H.P. Mendoza

I'm picking the Dallas Observer article because it "gives good pull-quote". But during my festival stay at theAsian Film Festival of DallasI Am a Ghost has been covered by three Dallas publications, which is beyond flattering! One of the pieces is for the Dallas Voice, an interview by Arnold Wayne Jones. 

HAUNTED FILMMAKER, by Arnold Wayne Jones, Dallas Voice
Click here to read the interview.

The festival was amazing and I got to spend time with directors Dave Boyle and Mye Hoang of Daylight Savings and Viette, respectively, and they showed me around seeing as how I'd never been to Dallas before.

With the hospitality and general warmth of the AFFD crew, headed by Alicia Chang and Steve Norwood, the I Am a Ghost experience was warm, welcoming and supportive - everything I was told to expect from the South. :)

Thank you, AFFD, for the familial treatment and especially for the genuine and heartfelt support (even if executive director Alicia Chang covered her eyes and turned her back to the screen for the final 20 minutes...hahaha)