More fan art / by H.P. Mendoza

Wow, it's been a busier week than normal for I Am a Ghost fan art! I'm just floored to have made a film that inspired people to even MAKE fan art! (Well, there is that one piece of Colma: The Musical erotic fan fiction out there, but that was a single case and from a really long time ago...)

From Monigotorium in Spain. (And thank you for the great review!)

"Boo", Super Mario meets I Am a Ghost , by Joon Park

Emily meets Sadako and Kayako, Monigotorium

Will.I.Am a Ghost, by Joon Park

I Am a Ghost, alternate movie poster by Salvador Anguiano
Check out his awesome process, HERE.

Shia Le Ghost, by Frank Lee

I Am a Ghostface Killah, by Joon Park

And for my foodie friends, I AM GJETOST!